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Law Office of Raphael B. Hedwat.
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5170 Sepulveda Blvd # 350, Sherman Oaks, CA 91403, United States

Burn Injury Lawyer Los Angeles

Burn Injury 1| workers comp lawyer | B. Hedwat
Burn Injury | workers comp lawyer | B. Hedwat

Best Burn Injury Lawyer In California

Burns are skin injuries that are caused by exposure to heat, steam, electricity, radiation, chemicals, and even sunlight. Burn Injury Lawyer at California who can help for you injury case.

Most burns involve damage to the skin.

Nonetheless, extremely severe burns can affect the bones and even the internal organs.

Top Attorneys For Burn Injury In California

The most frequent causes of burns are an open flame, hot surfaces, and boiling liquid. The majority of these burns are superficial and classified as first-degree burns, despite the fact that they can be quite painful. They typically heal without medical intervention and do not leave scars.

Burns of the second degree (or partial thickness) affect the lower skin layers. The symptoms are more severe than those of a first-degree burn and may include blistering and a mottled appearance to the skin. Even though they are extremely painful, second-degree burns heal well with minimal scarring if the patient receives proper care.

Burns of the third degree (or full thickness) involve all skin layers. The skin has the appearance of being cooked, appearing charred or white. Interestingly, third-degree burns may not initially cause pain due to the destruction of nerve tissue. Patients with this type of burn may require skin grafts, and the burns leave dense scars as they heal.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1.1 million people annually require medical treatment for burns. Approximately 50,000 people are hospitalized due to burns, and 20,000 have severe burns that affect more than a quarter of their body surface area. About 4,500 people per year are killed by burns.


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Burn Injury | Personal Injury Lawyer | Raphael B. Hedwat

California’s Top Burn Injury Lawyers

A person who sustains burn injuries due to the negligence of another may be eligible for compensation. They may be working in a location where their employer has not taken the necessary precautions to prevent burns. A worker in a laboratory where proper safety procedures were disregarded could have suffered severe chemical or thermal burns. A nursing home or other facility may not have equipped its showers with scald protection, which could have resulted in a third-degree burn to another individual. A child may have suffered burns from a firecracker or by falling into an unattended fire pit in other instances. A house fire may have been caused by improper installation of the electrical system. There are nearly innumerable ways in which someone else’s negligence could have caused someone else to suffer burns.

 In addition to the pain of the burn itself, the patient’s anxiety may also be caused by the astronomical cost of their treatment and rehabilitation at a burn center. They may have been unable to report to work at a job where time off is not compensated. Fortunately, our law firm is here to help if the injury was caused by the negligence of another party.

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Exposure to toxic substances can result in long-term or fatal illnesses like COPD and pulmonary fibrosis. Workers who are exposed either purposely or unwittingly to toxic substances may be able to file workers’ compensation claims and recoup financial losses that stem from their injuries and illnesses.

Depending on the type of job you have, you could be exposed to any number of harmful substances including:

When you breathe in these agents, you are at a higher risk of developing respiratory illnesses that can shorten both your career and your life. You are covered under worker’s compensation laws and could file either a claim against the insurer or a case in court to pursue lost wages, medical expense reimbursement, and other compensation.

If you feel you have a workers’ compensation case, it is important that you hire an attorney experienced in this legal specialty to represent you and assist you in the process. Many states limit the time for which you must seek medical care and file a claim against your employer.

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